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5 Reasons why you should add some regular stretching to your daily activities & fitness routine

Happy Monday everyone....

here is your Monday Fitness reminder...

If you haven't already make sure you incorporate some stretching exercises in your daily routine!

  1. Correcting bad posture

We all spend way too much time sitting and not enough time moving. We might develop some bad posture from this especially rounded shoulders and head forward. This bad posture can in turn create some problems such as:

  • Headaches

  • Neck discomfort

  • Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders

  • Discomfort in the mid back

  • Chest pain

  • Pain, pins & needles and numbness in the arms and hands

Stretching these particular areas: head/ neck/ shoulders/ back could help correct bad posture and in turn reduce the pain and discomfort associated with pad posture.

2. Increase range of motion

Re-gain larger / longer range of motion. If you don't use it lose it! With age or sedentarity you might realise that you are finding harder to do some of the movements you used to do in the past. Stretching should help with this.

Stretching particularly benefits those with arthritis by lubricating joints and enhancing and maintaining range-of-motion.

3. Preventing injury

Stretching might prevent injury such as a strain or a tear. Stretching allows better blood flow, warming them up.

4. Relieve muscle soreness

Stretching can help relieve muscle soreness. It helps with the muscle recovery. The blood flow to the muscle will help speed up recovery. Mobility of the muscles

5. Feel happier & less stressed

Stretching will help you feel happier and less stressed. Body and mind work together. When you are tensed or stressed it is very likely that your body will react by contracting / shortening these muscles around the neck/shoulders & back area.

By releasing the tension in these particular areas in your body - this will in turn allow you to feel more relaxed.

The mindful breathing technique used while stretching will also help you relax your mind and hopefully achieve a moment of mindfulness while stretching your muscles.

According to the NHS regular stretching will help you feel Stronger, Less tired, Fewer aches and pains. A little bit every day is better than longer seldomly. Be physically active every day. Any activity is better than none, and more is better still.

Make sure the type and intensity of your activity is appropriate for your level of fitness and check with your GP / doctor before starting / or re-starting Physical Activity.

Why not some of our FREE exercise videos - let us know how you get on with it :)))


This week only!!! PAY nothing for 3 stretching classes.

So make sure you schedule your daily stretching activity in your daily planner! Happy exercise everyone !

Ariane x

Marketing / Design CCJM Consulting Ltd

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