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Post: Welcome

It’s time to get social!

Let’s Meetup up time at Time _Bistro/Bar Tw8 8AQ in Brentford this Friday 24th September from 6.30pm until 9pm.

Please do let me know if you are planning to come or not. And if you are coming alone or with a friend as I will be booking a table for us all.

Excited about our 2nd monthly cocktails Meetup !!!!

Simply reply back to this email or message me ASAP I hope you can join us! Ariane xx


Did you know our e-booklet is now available ?

We are super proud to announce the release of our very first Wellness e-booklet in collaboration with Nichola English and Claire Hawkins “Feel Happy & Young at any age” a CCJM Consulting Ltd publication.

To a fabulous end of month of September 2021 !!!!!

To your health & happiness!


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