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Fitness Motivation?

It can be hard to stay motivated to work out, especially as we get older. But staying fit is important for our health and well-being, so how do we make it happen?

According to recent studies, the key to being successful at fitness lies in our psychology – specifically in our attitudes and beliefs about exercise.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most important psychological factors that influence our motivation to engage in physical activities:

A range of motives have been proposed for exercise participation:

  • skill mastery / learning a new skill

  • health benefits /physical fitness: such as improvements in strength and endurance, nimbleness, and/or flexibility.

  • Mental health benefits

  • competition: competition has been previously found to be an important motivator for participants who engaged in physical training more regularly and considered it part of a sport, rather than just recreation

  • social affiliation: social facilitation (improved performance with others versus alone) and sense of community as important factors for initiation of and adherence. A feeling of "belongingness".

  • recognition

Getting started is on thing but continuing is another! Four motivational factors positively associated with training frequency and continuation: enjoyment, challenge, revitalisation, stress management.

What I personally find helpful is accessorising my workout outfit - exercising in style! or accessorise your workout with some of the latest gadgets as well can help if you are in tech or if you like fashion like me ;)

There is no right no wrong reason (s) start and continue physical activities. It's more a question of finding YOUR reasons and motives to start and stay engaged in physical activity.

Over to YOU...Find your WHY ...try different things until "click" with the physical activity right for you!

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