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It's weekend! Let's "Recharge"!

It's weekend ...time to recharge!

One of the best ways to recharge is with nature :)

Play, run, explore. Be crazy and let go of everything.

According to one study, people who relax in a park for 30 minutes a week have better mental health.The more time spent in nature each week, the lower your chances of depression and high blood pressure.

Here is my nature prescription to you: At least 3 times/week, spend 20-30 minutes any where outside in or near nature

Researchers from the University of Exeter Medical School analyzed mental health data from 10,000 people living in a city. They found that people living near more green space reported less mental distress, even after adjusting for income, education, and employment. Researchers in Scotland found less death and disease in people who lived near parks or other green space. And many more of these results have been demonstrated.

Dr. Danielle Shanahan, an Australian researcher, says: “If everyone visited their local parks for half an hour each week there would be seven per cent fewer cases of depression and nine percent fewer cases of high blood pressure.”

So wrap up nicely, put some comfortable walking shoes or trainers and let's go out in nature. Explore what you experience through your senses. Enjoy! and recharge :))))

Ariane x

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